Website calendar with customization options
Website calendar with customization options
Online appointment and booking
Behavior and appearance customization
Realtime Integration with Google Calendar or CalDav
Ability to use filters

Website calendar with customization options

Ready-made design

Free forever.
Set up your widget for 5 minutes

Vacation, shift, and event schedules for internal use

The calendar will be suitable for all events that have a date and time

Work resources

Fitness club, studio, and club activities
Fitness club, studio, and club activities
Concerts, film screenings, events, and other entertainment for guests

Clubs and communities

Class schedule

Cafes and restaurants

Webinar schedule
and training programs
Online booking
and reservation of rental spaces

Online education


With Eventic you can quickly and easily inform website visitors about all your plans and events

Unique settings will allow you to customize the calendar to match your product’s brand style

Integrate with other calendars and servers, and easily manage events

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Get the code for installation on your website and place it where you want the calendar widget to be located


Choose a display template, customize fonts and colors, or add your own CSS styles


Select the synchronization method with the calendar: add the iCalendar (ICS) link


Enter your email and follow the instructions below

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We launched beta.
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